Homeless Outreach Program Advisory Committee


Community & Street Outreach Worker

Lifebridge (formerly the Salem Mission), employs Community & Street Outreach Workers who patrol the Salem Central Business District to outreach to adult, homeless individuals in order to connect them to shelter, transitional and permanent housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health services and other needed human services. The outreach workers help address vagrancy and panhandling issues by directly contacting the individuals, by acting as a liaison to local businesses, local government and social service agencies and by requesting assistance from the Salem Police Department, as necessary. The outreach workers patrol at random times each week, but will respond to calls for assistance when contacted at Lifebridge. They will also be pleased to visit local business owners to discuss any issues concerning adult, homeless individuals.

Lifebridge Community & Street Outreach Workers

Salem Police Department

The Salem Police and Lifebridge work cooperatively toward the alleviation of problems relating to homeless individuals, whether or not they are shelter residents. For suspected illegal activity (public drinking, drug activity, property damage, trespassing, lewd behavior, etc.) contact:

Salem Police Department
978 744-1212 or dial 911 in an emergency

If there is an ongoing problem or a pattern of activity, please contact Officer Robert Phelan of the Community Impact Unit (CIU) at: 978-744-0171, X-224

Homeless Outreach Program Advisory Committee

The Homeless Outreach Program Advisory Committee includes representatives from Lifebridge, Salem Police Department, Salem Chamber of Commerce/Salem Main Streets and the City of Salem Department of Planning & Community Development, as well as other interested individuals. The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of April, July and September, where the outreach worker reports on program progress and is informed of any new issues or problems that may have arisen. These meetings are open to the public and downtown businesses are encouraged to bring their concerns, observations and suggestions to these meetings.

Homeless Outreach Program Advisory Committee
3rd Wednesday of April, July and September 10:00 a.m.
120 Washington Street, 3rd floor conference room

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