Mayor's Biography

Mayor Kimberley Driscoll Biography

Kimberley Driscoll has been Mayor of Salem since 2006 and is the City’s first woman Mayor. She has led the City through several years of progress, growth, balanced budgets, and improved service delivery.

Prior to being elected Mayor she served two terms on the Salem City Council and as the Deputy City Manager and Chief Legal Counsel for the City of Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Mayor Driscoll has an extensive background in planning and land use development, having worked as a real estate and commercial development attorney in private practice and as the Community Development Director for the City of Beverly and an Assistant Planner for the City of Salem.

Mayor Driscoll has professionalized all aspects of local government in Salem. In her first year in office she stabilized the City’s declining fiscal health, transforming a multi-million dollar deficit into a balanced budget. Since then she has consistently created balanced, performance-focused budgets and been able to rebuild the City’s reserve accounts in a robust fashion.

A previous president of the Massachusetts Mayors Association, she has professionalized service delivery through program and outcomes evaluation, reorganizing City offices to reduce waste and inefficiencies, and the implementation of management “best practices” for all City departments.

By aggressively pursuing over $124 million in state and federal grants, reforming municipal health insurance to reduce costs, utilizing shared purchasing and services contracts, and advocating for responsible growth opportunities, Mayor Driscoll has fought to stabilize property taxes on Salem residents, while simultaneously investing in programs and projects to strengthen quality of life in the City.

Mayor Driscoll has been a leader in improving the transparency of City government and the level of constituent service and civic engagement in the community through technology, an updated City website, and the use of social media and smartphone apps.

Mayor Driscoll has initiated numerous projects throughout the City that enhance Salem’s reputation as a wonderful community to live, work, and visit. From establishing a city-owned ferry service to and from Boston, to overseeing the redevelopment of the Salem Power Plant site – from working with state officials to create a new court complex and forthcoming commuter rail station and garage to fighting for a new City Senior Center – Mayor Driscoll has been a leader for projects that strengthen and improve Salem.

The success of these public projects has led to renewed interest and investment in Salem, both within the downtown and throughout the City, spurring economic and job growth, increased community vitality from arts and cultural activities, and the transformation of Salem into a desirable destination both for visitors and those looking to relocate to one of Massachusetts’ “Best Places to Live,” according to Boston Magazine in 2013.

Mayor Driscoll currently lives on Glenn Avenue with her husband, Nick, and their three children, Delaney, Ailish, and Nicholas.