Rates for Garages

Per hour or portion of hour---Day or night:$0.75$0.25
Yearly Pass:$702.00 
Yearly Pass (Senior Resident):$200.00 
Yearly Pass (Senior):$250.00 
Monthly Pass:$65.00 
Monthly Pass (Senior Resident):$25.00 
Monthly Pass (Senior):$30.00 
20 Stamps (12 hrs. each):$65.00$65.00
20 Stamps (12 hrs. each, Senior Resident):$20.00$20.00
20 Stamps (12 hrs. each, Senior):$25.00$25.00
100 Merchant Validation Stamps (1hr.):$50.00$50.00

Validation for up to 4hrs with 4 1hr stamps (Garages only)

12hr. stamps – only 1 stamp allowed in garages

Bridge Street Lot — Daily Charge  $4.00
Bridge Street Lot — Sundays, and Holidays FREE

  • A $15.00 deposit required on all monthly, and yearly passes
  • Returned Check Fee: $25.00
  • Oversized Vehicles Pay for the number of spaces occupied.
  • Senior rate is applicable over the age of 65
  • On street parking meters are enforced 8am-6pm Monday thru Saturday with the exception of legal holidays.
  • Lots with meters and multi space machines are enforced 8am-6pm Monday thru Saturday with the exceptions of legal holidays.
  • Meter feeding over staying the limit could result in a Parking Violation ticket.
  • Hourly rates are displayed on the meter. Most meters are 4 hours maximum.

October Rates

Parking Garages: On Saturdays, Sundays, and October 31st : $20 per entry, cash only.
Columbus Day, after 2pm: $20 per entry, cash only.
Pass cards will be accepted, 1- and 12-hour stamps will not.

Church Street Lot: $20 per entry, cash only. Free to Salem residents with ID.

Sewall Street Lot: Free for Salem residents, with ID, on October 31.

We Accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Personal Check*

*please make personal checks out to CITY OF SALEM; checks and Visa/Mastercard accepted for office sales only
**a smart card can be used instead of coin in the parking meters