Beautification Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Salem Beautification Committee is to assist the City in developing and pursuing initiatives that promote the beautification of the City. The goal of the Committee is to create civic pride and to motivate the City’s diverse population to participate in the beautification process. The Committee will identify areas in need of improvement, will create programs, recruit volunteers and will secure the funding resources to achieve its goals.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen S. Talkowsky Special Projects Coordinator (978) 619-5676

Board Members

Name Title
Lisa Lyons Chair (1/10/2019)
Sara Fiore Member (2/22/2021)
Mary Ellen Halliwell Member (3/1/2020)
Sandra Power Member (3/1/2020)
Barbara Sirois Member (6/1/2018)
Giulia Bellofatto Member (4/13/2020)
Annie Scott Member (2/22/2021)
Bill Doane Member (3/22/2021)