Bicycling Advisory Committee

In June 2006, the City of Salem established the Salem Bike Path Committee, which is a Committee dedicated to making Salem a bike-friendly community. The main goal of this Committee is to make Salem a more-desirable urban environment by establishing safe and well planned on- and/or off-road bike routes for walking and cycling. Objectives of the Committee are to assist in the expansion of the existing bike path throughout Salem and to our surrounding communities, encourage the Safe Routes to Schools Program, advocate for alternative forms of transportation to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, advocate for bike safety, and encourage cycling both as a form of alternative transportation and as a form of exercise and better health. In July 2014, the Committee was renamed as the Salem Bicycling Advisory Committee to better reflect the group's goals and mission.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Tom Devine, AICP Senior Planner

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Frank
Michael Jaros
Jayne O'Leary
Joseph O'Neil
Eric Papetti
Dan Shuman Chair
Kylie Sullivan
Michael Williamson
Raymond Swartz