Flood Map Revisions

2021 Preliminary FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA is in the process of updating Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for all jurisdictions in Essex County, Massachusetts. The preliminary regulatory map changes or FIRM panels are only within those with updated flood hazard information. For Salem, the only changes in this update address riverine areas. Preliminary FIRMs and accomodating Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports are available for download here on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center website.

Preliminary changes may also be viewed here.

For any questions, comments and updates regarding this process, please contact Kate Kennedy at kkennnedy@salem.com

2017 FEMA's Approved Flood Insurance Rate 2014 Map Revisions

FEMA has approved the City of Salem's proposed map revisions.

Maps: Juniper Point | Winter Island | Salem Neck | Canal St. & Jefferson Ave. | Forest River
Letters of Map Revision: Juniper Point | South Salem & Forest River
FEMA's notice of final approval

Proposed Revised Maps

Map 1: South Salem 1
Map 2: South Salem 2
Map 3: Forest River
Map 4: Juniper Point (updated 9/16/16)
Map 5: Winter Island

Please note that no revisions are proposed at this time for locations outside these maps.

Additional Resources

For additional information, please contact Kate Kennedy at 978-619-5685 or kkennedy@salem.com