Design Review Board

The DRB is an advisory board reporting to both the Salem Redevelopment Authority and the Salem Planning Board. If your project is located in the Urban Renewal Area please see the SRA page for information on the review process. If your project is located in the North River Canal Corridor (NRCC) District the process for submitting an application for review by the DRB is outlined in the NRCC Development Review Process.

NOTE: Projects in the NRCC must first be filed with the Planning Board before being heard by the DRB.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matthew Coogan Principal Planner
Tom Devine, AICP Senior Planner

Board Members

Name Title
Helen Sides Member (3/1/2020)
Paul Durand Chair (3/10/2019)
Christopher Dynia Member (3/1/2020)
David Jaquith Member (3/1/2018)
Glenn Kennedy Member (3/1/2018)
J. Michael Sullivan Member (6/11/2019)
Ernest DeMaio Member (3/1/18)