Design Review Board

The DRB is an advisory board that reports to the Salem Redevelopment Authority.  The Board is comprised of individuals with design expertise who review sign proposals and develeopment projects as large as brand new multi-story buildings to as small as changing the paint color on a door.  The DRB provides recommendations as to the design of a project to the SRA for consideration as the SRA makes its final decisions on projects in the Urban Renewal Area.  If your project is located in the Urban Renewal Area please see the SRA page for information on the review process.

The DRB also provides advisory opinions to the Salem Planning Board for projects located in specific zoning districts, overlay districts, and Special Permits as listed below.  Applications for projects that fall within these districts and/or processes are first filed with the Planning Board who then refer the project to the DRB for design review.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Helen Sides Member (3/1/2023)
Paul Durand Chair (3/1/2022)
David Jaquith Member (2/22/2021)
Glenn Kennedy Member (2/22/2021)
J. Michael Sullivan Member (6/11/2022)
Catherine Miller Member (3/1/2021)
Marc Perras Member (3/1/2020)