Sign Permit Information

All exterior signs, awnings and interior signs that can be seen from the exterior are required to receive permitting prior to installation.  

For the Salem Sign Ordinance, please see Chapter 4 of the Code of Ordinances.

Portable ("A-Frame") Signs - The Portable Sign Ordinance was adopted in June 2010.  Please click here to read the ordinance.  For an overview of the permit application and process click here.

The following information is applicable to all signage:

If the location is in the Urban Renewal Area, the following information is also applicable:

Please note that in some areas of the city, additional approval by a governing board or commission may be required (i.e. Salem Historical Commission).

For additional assistance, please see pages 16 through 21 of the Commercial Design Guidelines.

For more information on the sign permitting process, contact 978-745-9595, Ext.5685.