Art Spring

A Pop Up Public Art Initiative!!
Salem Public Art Logo - it resembles a river in the shape of an S

The City of Salem and the Public Art Commission are very excited to announce the launch of this city-wide pop up public art initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is our hope that with a little bit of whimsy, a little bit of color, and a lot of love, these art interventions will help to lift the spirits of our community and bring us together in celebration of spring and new beginnings, even though we have to stay apart.  We are also very excited that we will be able to support local artists and creative businesses through this project as well. Check back here each week to see what art project has sprung up in your neighborhood and across Salem.

Chalk Art Saturdays:
The City of Salem is commissioning 4 local artists to create 8 chalk art murals for Chalk Art Saturdays, a weekly program to inspire strength and togetherness in Salem during this time of physical distancing. Every Saturday morning, local artists use Chalk Art Murals to respond to prompts that inspire community. These murals will be located on well-travelled paths where people live, and shared digitally. Each mural will also come with a creative thought prompt and an invitation to neighbors to get out and create their own Chalk Art in front of their homes or in their yards. A new piece will go up every Saturday in May and June.   

Chalk Art Saturdays is developed in collaboration with Studioful Design, a Salem-based practice for Architecture, Community Art, and Participatory Design. Find out more them at

With the end of June also comes the end of the offical Chalk Art Satrudays. A very speical and huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our amazing artists: 
Tia Cole, Keshia DeLeon, Anna Dugan, and Maia Mattson.

Check the Chalk Art Satrudays Blogg linked here for an archive of all of the phonominaly work these artists created across the community. 

Keep the fun going by creating your own chalk mural, take a picutre and share on our social media!

Please use the following hashtags when posting images of your own chalk art masterpieces:

Fiber Art Sundays
Working with the owner of Circle of Stitches and local fiber artist, Ana Campos, the City of Salem will be commissioning the creation of 4 fiber art installations from 4 Salem based fiber artists, one of whom is also a first line health care worker – we thank you for your service & selfsacrifice!

Finished works will be placed near crosswalks and other major pedestrian pathways across the City every Sunday morning beginning May 24th through June 28th.  We will be sourcing the biodegradable yarn from Circle of Stitches, a Salem based business, as well as from Point resident Angela Ferola-Hill who hand spins her own yarn! 

Below are bios for our artists.  Images and locations of the works they have created will be posted as they are installed.

Jennifer Brooks: Forthcoming

Jacbo Belair: Forthcoming

Melissa LaCasse: 
Melissa LaCasse recently moved to Salem and even more recently learned to crochet at Circle of Stitches.  As an avid collector of crafts, she was eager to learn the art of amigurumi, which combines the coziness of yarn and fiber arts with the versatility of sculpture and small projects. 

Ana Campos: Forthcoming

Angela Ferola-Hill: 
Angela Ferola-Hill has been a Salem resident of 15 years. She spends her days spins  art yarn much of which she used to create colorful yarn braid hair extensions. In addition she is a, fiber artist, perfumer, forager and , most of which will be displayed through her company Osayin. Website coming soon. @piazadorasghost

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, BREATHE NO EVIL”
Artist Troy B. Thompson ( founded the No Evil Project in 2011 as a nonprofit that uses art and humor to challenge stereotypes and help people find commonality and understanding despite cultural, racial, religious, political, gender, physical & mental health, occupational, and socio-economic among other differences.  Over 9,000 people have been photographed at events and organizations for the project.  Traditionally, participants pose as the Three Wise Monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil; pick three labels that describe themselves; and write a good deed to show they’re “not evil” and aren't defined by their labels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized existing stereotypes and created others.  Groups experiencing avoidance, discrimination, or violence include people of Asian descent, people who have traveled, emergency responders or healthcare professionals, and those who have recovered from COVID-19.  The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings, but in America that is not a common practice and seeing people in masks can make others feel uncomfortable.  For people of color, wearing a mask in public, especially homemade or bandanas, could even put their safety at risk due to racial profiling.

To address these issues, and to support public health and safety by normalizing the wearing of a mask, Mr. Thompson created a focused version of the project, Breathe No Evil a COVID-19 themed program of the No Evil Project ( Since we can't have photo shoots in person for a while, we've created an activity you can do from home!  Let’s show that face coverings shouldn't be feared but rather represent a wide variety of people coming together for the common good, standing strong, and protecting each other with a simple act even if it is uncomfortable.

To that end, community members are invited to participate by visiting the project website ( and take a picture of yourself wearing a face mask or covering, they can be plain or decorated or made to show your own personal style or creativity.  Then upload the photo, choose three labels or tags that describe yourself, and share any good deed or how you are helping during the pandemic, from being on the front lines to just staying at home preventing the spread of the disease. 

Art Walking Tours:
Take a stroll around Salem and discover all of the wonderful hidden art gems its wards have to offer.  Click the below links to download a printable PDF walking tour map of Art Boxes, Murals, and Historical Monuments across Salem.

Art Walking Tour Map - East & South Salem

Art Walking Tour Map - West & North Salem