Hydrant Testing

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All hydrant flow tests and flushing (unless otherwise approved) will be conducted at night at a time determined by the City Department of Public Works. 978-744-3302

All tests will be conducted in the presence of a designated City Department of Public Works employee who will open and close the hydrants.

Per City Ordinance regarding regulations governing introduction and use of water; Chapter 46, Article II. Water, Division 2, Rates and Charges are charged as follows:

  • Hydrant Flow Test Assistance $250.00
  • In addition to above fee, property owners shall pay for all off hours work, work completed during nights, weekends and holidays, completed by the Water Department at a per person per hour rate of $35.00 with a minimum charge of 4 hours.

Three-day notices will be given, in writing, to those buildings that might be affected by the testing indicating procedures to follow in the event of “brown” water.

The City of Salem Fire Department (978-744-1236) and the Salem/Beverly Water Supply Board (978-922-2600) must also be notified by yourself, three days before testing or flushing.

A copy of all results must be provided to the City Engineer.

Those requesting the testing will be responsible for any and all damages.

Those requesting the test will hire their own testing personnel at their expense.

All scheduling and questions should be referred to the Department of Public Works Garage – 978-744-3302.

Check made payable to City of Salem for $ 390.00 must be received by our office, in order to secure a test date. Any additional fees incurred as a result of additional hours needed beyond the four hour minimum will be billed at a rate of $35.00 per person per hour.