Awarded Contracts and Bid Results

Awarded Contracts and Bid Results Archive 

R-01 Fire Alarm, Testing, Serive and Maintenance Tabulation
R-03 I/I RemovalBLD Services LLCTabulation
R-04 Ford Vehicles Tabulation
R-05 McGrath Park PavingNocella PavingTabulation
R-07 77 Passenger BusO'Connor Bus SalesTabulation
R-08 Two 71 Passenger Buses Tabulation
R-09 Rubbish Packer Tabulation
R-11 Washington Street Utility ProjectP. Gioioso & Sons, Inc.Tabluation
R-13 Novelty Vendor ManagementNew England Open Markets 
R-14 Food and Beverage ManagementFiesta Shows 
R-17 NSWIB Copiers Tabulation
R-18 Fire ApparatusSpecialty Vehicles, Inc.Tabulation
R-21 Historic Painting ConservationOliver Brothers 
R-22 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for SPSJohn DeFrancesco & Sons, Inc. 
R-24 NSWIB Copiers (Rebid)RicohTabulation
R-25 Painting of Light PolesDrizos ContractingTabulation
R-26 Collins Gym Floor RepairO'Sullivan FlooringTabulation
R-27 Rental of Construction Equipment and Laborers Tabulation
R-28 Fort Pickering Site ImprovementsSumCoTabulation
R-30 Fire Alarm Testing and ServiceAetna Fire AlarmTabulation
R-31 Traffic Signal and Intersection Improvements Tabulation
R-32 Winter Island TrailIntegrated Facilities Construction, Corp.Tabulation
R-34 Saltonstall Masonry Repairs Tabulation
R-35 Winter Island Trail (Rebid) Tabulation
R-36 Salem Commerical Marina Dredge Project Tabulation
R-39 Library Exterior Improvements Sub Bids Tabulation
R-39 Library Exterior Improvements General Bids Tabulation
R-42 Abatement and Demoliton of Transfer Station Building Tabulation
R-47 Winter Island Trail Tabulation
R-55 Renovation of Driver and Patten Parks Tabulation
R-57 Commercial Street Retrofit Tabulation
R-58 Rental of Pipe Cleaning and Inspection Equipment, Operators, Laborers Tabulation
R-59 Sewer and Drainage Structure Repairs Tabulation
R-60 On Call Electrical Repair and Maintenance Tabulation
R-65 On-Call Line Painting Tabulation
R-66 North Street Fire House Slab Replacement Tabulation
R-70 Historic Repairs to Salem Common Cast Iron Fence Tabulation
R-71 Furnish and Deliver Gangway Float Tabulation
R-72 Old Salem Jail Paving Tabulation
S-01 Cultural Resource Survey Tabulation
S-02 Sale of Parcel B at Bertram Tabulation
S-03 Roadway Pavement Rehabilitation Project Tabulation
S-04 Mary Jane Lee Park Renovation Tabulation
S-05 Design Services for Police Station Roof Tabulation
S-06 On-Call Plumbing Tabulation
S-07 77 Passenger Bus Tabulation
S-08 Grocery Bid Tabulation
S-09 Enrichment Programs at NBS Tabulation
S-10 Bike Share Program Tabulation
S-11 Dickson Memorial Chapel Restoration Tabulation
S-12 Highway Salt Cooperative Tabulation
S-13 Visioning Plan Tabulation
S-15 Winter Island Electrical Upgrades Tabulation
S-16 Installation of Aluminum Poles Tabulation
S-17 Furnish and Install Chain Link Fence at Proctor's Ledge Tabulation
S-18 Loring Ave. Fire Station Repairs Tabulation
S-19 Police Station Roof Repair Tabulation
S-20 Abatement and Demo of Abandoned Pump Station Tabulation
S-21 Canal Street Mitigation Phase II Contract A Tabulation
S-22 Vintage Flea Market Tabulation
S-23 Afterschool Programs Tabulation
S-24 Water and Sewer Supplies Tabulation
S-25 Proctor's Ledge: Site Improvements and Masonry Tabulation
S-26 Design Services 289 Derby  Tabulation
S-27 29 Passenger Bus Tabulation
S-28 30 Passenger Wheelchair Bus Tabulation
S-29 Curriculum Development Tabulation
S-30 Salem Public Library Replacement of Window Trim  Tabulation
S-31 Housing Program Coordinator Tabulation
S-34 "On Call" Paving Tabulation
S-38 Fort Pickering Site Improvements Tabulation
S-42 Forest River Trails Tabulation
S-44 OTH Roof Repair and Snow Guards Tabulation
S-45 Baystate Building and Remodeling Tabulation
S-46 Loring/Lafayette/West Intersection Signalization Improvements Tabulation
S-47 Lafayette Park Renovation Tabulation
S-48 2018 Paving Program Tabulation
T-01 McGlew Park Renovation Tabluation
16-05 Cleaning Services at Town Buildings (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-01 Fire Station Asbestos Abatement Tabulation
17-02 Water Main Rehabilitation Project (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-03 Solid Waste and Recycling (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-04 Fire Station Flooring  Tabulation
17-05 Greenwood School Tabulation
17-06 Salt Shed Tabulation
17-07 Lease of 26 New Ocean Tabulation
17-08 Blocksidge Field-Site Work (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-09 Blocksidge Field-Grandstand (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-10 Blocksidge Field-Synthetic Turf (Swampscott) Tabulation
17-11 Greenwood Middle School Tabulation
17-12 Maintenance & Mowing of Parks Tabulation