Donation Program

Click here for a donation form.

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to commemorate a special event, or as a memorial to a loved one, on behalf of our parks. Your donation will be used to purchase an item or make renovations that will improve the parks and/or playgrounds in the City of Salem.

Your donation form will be reviewed upon receipt. A staff member will contact you concerning your request, as well as how it might best be used in a way that will be meaningful to you and beneficial to our parks.

While we want to be sensitive to your wishes, the ultimate placement of items or designation of repairs will be at the discretion of the Park, Recreation and Community Services Director, ensuring that all our parks and facilities are equally enjoyable.

If you have any questions concerning our Parks Donation Program, please call 978-423-5328. Once again, thank you for your consideration and support.

Tricia O'Brien
Park, Recreation & Community Service Director

Note: We are no longer accepting requests for bench donations at Salem Willows or Winter Island parks.

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