Alternatives For Household Junk, Construction & Demolition Debris

Note: Construction & demolition debris are banned from landfills and will not be picked up with your regular trash pick-up

"C & D" Debris: This category generally includes asphalt, bricks, concrete (ABC) and other masonry materials, soil, rock, wall coverings, drywall, plumbing fixtures, insulation, roofing shingles, plate glass, metal, wood waste and electrical wires. For pick up at home, call a contractor. Look in the Yellow Pages of the phone book under "Rubbish & Garbage Removal". If you want to take care of it yourself, you may be able to pursue some of the following options:

  1. Waste Management Bagster: Available at the following Salem retailers (please call for specific items allowed and costs): 
    1. One Way Lumber, 297 Highland Ave. 978-745-7411 
    2. The Home Depot, 50 Traders Way 978-741-9299
  2. Drop off locations: 
    1. Mello Transfer Station: Route 133 (1 mile west off Route 95 on the left), Georgetown, MA, 978-352-8581 
    2. Miles River: Paradise Road (off Route 133 opposite Clam Box), Ipswich, MA, 978-356-2290
    3. DeLoury Industries: 46 Lowell Junction Road (off Balardvale Rd. - Rt. 125), Andover, MA, 978-475-8153 ***They accept ONLY aggregate material***.
  3. Other Resources:

The Boston Building Resources Re-Use Center in Roxbury accepts donations of reusable building material and house fixtures. They can provide pick-up service for a fee with at least two week notice or you can bring it to them. Call for more details: tel. 617-442-8917..

For more information, call facility directly.