Recycling Information


Currently, the City of Salem has mandatory recycling every other week. Recycling shall be place curside in the City issue 96-gallon blue toters. The automated collection weeks are based on the color of your recycling toter lid and will be picked up on the same day as your trash. Click here to view the pick up calendar.  Click here to view the 2019 pick up calendar.

  • All recyclables items can be placed in your single stream recycling toter - no sorting necessary - Click here to see what can be recycled curbside
  • Containers must be rinsed and free of food and liquids
  • Don't bag your recyclables - empty your recyclables directly into the blue toter
  • Non-acceptable items for recycling toter - Trash, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or anything made of foam - even if a recycling symbol is present
  • All clean cardboard must be recycled - State regulations require cardboard recycling (including all types of cardboard, thin as well as corrugated). All boxes must be flattened and placed in the recycling toters. Uncut cardboard may be dropped off at Caraustar (5 Jefferson Ave.) during regular business hours.

Click here to view the 6 panel recycling broucher - haga click aqui para ver el folleto de reciclaje en espanol

Click here to view the Mandatory Recycling Implementation Policy.

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