Door-to-Door Soliciting


Unfortunately, there have been some criminal incidents involving people who were unlicensed to conduct Door-to-Door Soliciting and Canvassing. Residents and business owners alike are urged to call the Salem Police immediately should they observe or suspect any illegal or suspicious activity (978-744-1212 or 911).

  • The City of Salem is allowed to require people engaged in Door-to-Door Soliciting and Canvassing to be licensed.
  • Only "for profit" businesses are required to apply for a permit. Salem businesses are often approached by people selling ads, ads on maps or menus, telephone services and other products. This is considered "Door-to-Door" soliciting and those people need to apply for a license.
  • Non-profit organizations, religious groups, educational groups and political causes are not required to be licensed to go "door-to-door".
  • The City Ordinance states solicitors are not to proceed onto a property if the property is marked with signage prohibiting such actions. Should a resident or business wish, they can place a sign reading "No Solicitors" and/or "No Trespassing" to advise solicitors you do not want them on your property.
  • Generally, any activity noted above is not allowed between 6:00PM and 8:00AM.


Massachusetts General Laws allow for the arrest of any person violating a City Ordinance. While an arrest for violating the City Ordinance pertaining to Solicitors is a last resort course of action, Officers can arrest a person in violation of this Ordinance.


While registering with the Salem Police Department is not a requirement, it is strongly recommended you notify the Salem Police Department of your activities (purpose, local contact, area of canvass, duration of activities). Notifying the Police Department will help minimize police contact with your group and allow the Department to better inform the public. Regardless, it is suggested you adhere to all signage posted on property regarding soliciting and trespassing and limit your activities so that you are not approaching residents between 6:00PM and 8:00AM. Please call 978-744-0171 ext 50110, 50111, or 50112 or 978-744-1212 to advise the police of your activities.