Student Government Day

Join us for Student Government Day 2018
Event Date: 
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:00am to 2:30pm

The Salem Youth Commission would like to invite you to participate in Student Government Day 2018. 

This 42nd annual Student Government Day allows students to become personally involved by assuming the roles and responsibilities of officials in government, education, the media and other community partners. By their participation in this program, we hope the students will gain a better understanding and develop an interest in different career opportunities in Salem.

This is the 2nd year that Student Government Day is being organized by the Salem youth Commission and it is once again scheduled for a full day experience for our Salem youth to be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018. This day includes an opportunity to shadow someone in a field of their choice, lunch and followed by a mock city council meeting/debate. The response to this program has been very positive over the years and we look forward to your participation this year. 

The success of the program is dependent on the active involvement of our community leaders. Hopefully you will be able to participate by allowing one of our Salem youth to be assigned to you and spend the morning (9am-12pm) learning and observing your responsibilities as a community leader. Students will be asked to prepare questions regarding your position for the day of their visit. The student assigned to you will contact you the first week of April to determine a meeting place, proper attire, and to talk about their visit.

Please RSVP by phone at 978-619-5601, by email or simply by filling out this form

by Wednesday April 4th, 2018 to confirm Participation in the Program. When responding, please indicate the position you fill in the city, school department or organization as well as contact information for your assigned youth.

Please also forward to anyone you know who may be interested in hosting a Salem youth on this day and have them sign up with the link above. We ask that you limit to members of the Salem Community.

You can find information on our Website

Please also share the post on your Facebook pages to help spread the word to youth in our City. 

If you know of or work with any Salem youth who would like to participate in Student Government Day activities, we ask that you please have them fill out the following online form to confirm participation by Friday, April 6, 2018.

Schedule of the Day:


Youth meet with their Representative at designated location


Lunch  – 120 Washington St (Large Conference room) 3rd Floor


 Mock Youth Council meeting – City Council Chambers 93 Washington St- 2nd floor


Wrap up & Group Photo

Mock Youth Council Meeting Topic & Questions:

Topics: *Allowing food trucks to Serve in the City of Salem

            *New Salem Movie theater

            *Reviewing the City of Salem Skateboarding Ordinance

            *Suggestions from Washington to arm teachers with guns in schools

-Youth will come prepared with questions or topics about your profession and how this particular topic will play a role in your work. Please help your student prepare for this mock trial debate which takes place in the afternoon.