Salem E-Scooter Share Program

The City of Salem has executed an agreement with Zagster, the operator of the City’s bike share program, to oversee an electric scooter share pilot program through a partnership between Zagster and scooter operator Spin. Beginning summer 2019, the agreement allows the pilot run through May 2020. Riders can access scooters at locations throughout the City using the Spin smartphone app. Riders must stay off of sidewalks and obey the rules of the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scooters in Salem:

E-Scooter Parking and Helmet Locations Map:

Salem Scooter Parking and Helmet Locations

24/7 Scooter Support - or 1-888-249-9698

Scooter Safety Tips and Rules

Free Helmets – Limited Time – First Come, First Served

A limited number of helmets are available on a first come, first served basis at the following locations:

 Helmets are available for purchase at the following locations:




Salem Cycle

*Downtown Salem*

72 Washington Street



227 Highland Avenue



450 Highland Avenue


Click here for a map of helmet locations throughout the city.

Properly Parking Scooters

Spin requires that riders park either in a designated scooter parking zone or at a location that does not block sidewalk, driveway, doorway, or any other access in public areas. Spin reserves the right to suspend riders who improperly park a scooter.

Scooter App Launch Screens


Presentation to City Council:

Service Overview: