Renewable Energy

Here are the current renewable energy projects the City of Salem has implemented

Total Estimated Annual Savings From Renewable Energy Projects

Dollars: $349,145 (including SRECS)  

Electricity (kWh): 1,074,295

Carbon Emissions Reduction (equivalents in metric tons): 800

The amount of carbon emissions reduction is equivalent to 171 passenger vehicles driven for one year! 


Rooftop Solar PV                                                                                                         

Witchcraft Heights Elementary School: 1 Frederick St.   646 kW  (Phase 1 installed 2017 & Phase 2 installed 2018)                        

Bentley Academy Charter School : 25 Memorial Dr.  275 kW (Installed 2017)

Real Time Solar Data - Witchcraft Heights

Real Time Solar Data - Bentley Academy Charter

(both best viewed on desktop screens)

Project Description:  Rooftop Solar PV: Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems are electricity generating solar panels which are mounted on the rooftops of buildings.