Halloween Resident Parking Passes 2021

Halloween Resident Parking Permits

Valid: October 1st – November 1st

Temporary Resident Parking Permits will be mailed to addresses on the following qualifying streets: 

Andrew Street | Barton Place |  Beacon Street | Becket Avenue | Boardman Street | Bridge Street (from Howard St to Beacon St) | Briggs Street | Broad Street (from Phelps St to a point 150 feet west of Cambridge St) | Cabot Street (from Cedar St to Gardner St) | Cedar Street | Chase Street | Cherry Street | Conant Street | Cross Street | Cypress Street | Dalton Parkway |  Derby Street (from Palfrey Ct to Fort Ave) | Dow Street | Downing Street | Emerton Street | Endicott Street | Essex Street (from Flint St to Boston St) | Essex Street (from Cambridge St to Summer St)| Essex Street (from Herbert St to Webb St) | Fairfield Street | Flint Street (from Bridge St to Federal St) | Flint Street (from Essex St to Dalton Pkwy) | Forrester Street | Fort Avenue (from Webb St to #39 Fort Ave) | Fowler Street | Gardener Street | Hancock Street |  Harbor Street (from Lafayette St to Congress St) | Harrington Court | Harrison Avenue | Hathorne Crescent | Hathorne Place | Hathorne Street | Leavitt Street (From Lafayette St to Congress St) | Lemon Street | Lemon Street Court | Lyme Street | Lynn Street (from Andover St to River St) | Margin Street (even side only) | Milk Street | Mt. Vernon Street | Naumkeag Street | North Pine Street | Orne Square | Palmer Street (from Lafayette St to Congress St) | Park Street | Parker Court | Peabody Street | Pearl Street | Phelps Street | Pickering Street | Pickman Street | Pleasant Street | Pond Street | Porter Street | Porter Street Court | Prescott Street | Prince Street | Prince Street Place | Salem Street (from Harbor St to Chase St) | Saunders Street | Smith Street | South Pine Street | Spring Street | Stearns Place | Summer Street (from Margin St to Endicott St) | Vale Street | Ward Street | Warren Street (southside only from Flint St to Pickering St) | Washington Square East (eastside only) | Washington Square North (northside only) | Washington Square South (southside only from 38 Washington Sq S to Washington Sq E) | Webb Street | Webster Street | Winter Street | Winthrop Street | Woodbury Court

PLEASE NOTE: October resident parking this year is only in effect Mondays-Fridays from 5pm to 7am and Saturdays-Sundays from noon to 7am. Only one permit is available per vehicle registered in the City at an address on a designated October resident parking only street. If for some reason you do not receive a permit in the mail you may visit the offices listed below.

· Parking Office at 1 New Liberty Street

Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-6:30pm

· Traffic Office at Salem City Hall Annex 98 Washington Street, 2nd FL

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8am-4pm, Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-12noon

When you arrive please be sure to have the following documents:

1. Proof of Residence which may include a copy of your lease, a utility bill or license which indicates address on designated street

2. Vehicle Registration:

a. Leased vehicles: you must also show proof of residency on a qualifying street address

b. Company vehicles: you'll need a letter on company letterhead stating you have use of that vehicle and proof showing residency on a qualifying street address

c. SSU students: in addition to your vehicle registration you'll need an official stamped letter from the Registrar's Office AND a lease showing a qualifying address that is signed by both parties

If you have any questions please email: asullaway@salem.com or rfindley@salem.com

For further information, please contact the Traffic & Parking Director, David Kucharsky, via email at dkucharsky@salem.com or call 978-745-8120