Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The goal of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to implement small-scale, inexpensive projects to calm traffic on local, residential streets by using semi-permanent materials to test ideas that can become hardened and permanent if successful. These projects can be initiated by residents or the Traffic and Parking Department, but in both cases will involve a collaborative process with residents, City staff, Ward Councillors, and the Police Traffic Unit. The program seeks to fund projects costing less than $25,000 and is intended to complement the larger repaving and repair work as well as other major intersection and corridor projects.

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Project Prioritization Tool

The Project Prioritization Tool is a weighted ranking system that categorizes streets City-wide. The tool uses different criteria, including demogrpahics and frequently visited locations, and ranks the streets on a scale from 0 to 6. Higher scores indicate streets with more connections among homes, jobs, and places like schools, parks, and health care providers. These scores inform how the Department allocates funding through the Neighborhood Traffic Claming Program and other programs as well.

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