Census Information

The City of Salem conducts a census of its residents within the first three months of each calendar year. The census establishes the list of residents, as well as the voting list for upcoming elections. Therefore, it is important that residents respond each year.

Click here for Blank Census Form and Multi-Language Census Insert.

Forms are mailed to residential households within the City, asking for the following information:

  • Name (all residents within the household)
  • Previous Address (if different last year)
  • Date of Birth of each resident
  • Occupation
  • Nationality (if not U.S. Citizen)

These forms must be filled-out and returned to the City Clerk's Office, using the self-addressed envelope provided with your form. As an additional convenience to residents, Census Form Drop-Off Boxes are located throughout the City, at various public locations. The back of the census form lists these drop-off areas. Drop off boxes are at the following Salem locations: City Hall, Crosby's Market, Shaw's Market, Market Basket, Salem Public Library, Council-on-Aging, Salem YMCA on Sewell Street, and Salem Academy Charter School on Congress Street.

If a resident does not receive a census form, or if a resident has any questions, they should contact the City Clerk's Office at (978) 745-9595 ext. 41211 or 41212.

The results of the census are published yearly in a book referred to as the "List of Residents" or "Poll Book". Copies of this book may be purchased at the City Clerk's Office at a cost of $25.00. The cost for requests by mail is $28.00.