Traffic and Parking Department

Mission Statement:

To provide an efficient and reliable multimodal transportation system throughout the City of Salem including complete streets that accommodate all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and drivers. Provide pleasant and secure parking services to residents, businesses and visitors, while maintaining courteous and helpful assistance to the general public.

Salem E-Scooter Share Program:

The City of Salem has executed an agreement with Zagster, the operator of the City’s bike share program, to oversee an electric scooter share pilot program through a partnership between Zagster and scooter operator Spin. Beginning summer 2019, the agreement allows the pilot run through May 2020. Riders can access scooters at locations throughout the City using the Spin smartphone app. Riders must stay off of sidewalks and obey the rules of the road. 

More info here:

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program:

The goal of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to implement small-scale, inexpensive projects to calm traffic on local, residential streets by using semi-permanent materials to test ideas that can become hardened and permanent if successful. These projects can be initiated by residents or the Traffic and Parking Department, but in both cases will involve a collaborative process with residents, Traffic and Parking Department staff, the Ward Councillor, and the Police Traffic Unit. The program is intended to fund projects costing less than $25,000, but most projects will likely be substantially less expensive. The program is intended to complement other funding for streets and sidewalks, not replace the larger repaving and repair work that already happens or other major intersection projects.

The application for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program can be found here:

More information about the program and examples of traffic claming projects can be found here:

2018 Proposed Parking Rate Restructuring:

Following the collection of extensive parking data over the past few months, at its next meeting on June 7 at 6:30pm at 98 Washington Street, the Traffic and Parking Commission will begin a discussion on proposed parking rate restructuring for downtown Salem. It has been nearly 10 years since the City’s last comprehensive review of parking rates, and in that time the parking issues in Salem have changed dramatically. In 2010, the goal was to restructure rates in order to move cars into underutilized locations. Today, those locations have, in some cases, become over-utilized as the City has seen continued economic growth and commercial activity throughout downtown and along the waterfront. Salem garages routinely hit 85% capacity on weekdays and weekends, and on-street parking is equally scarce. What is more, while parking rates have been unchanged in this time, over the same period the cost for maintenance and upgrades to these parking facilities has only grown. By restructuring rates we can both better manage parking utilization and also fund these costs through revenues paid by those who use the parking, without needing to overly rely on taxpayers.

More information on the proposal can be found here:

The presentation to the Traffic and Parking Commission can be found here:


Important Snow Emergency Information for City Parking Garages:

Snow emergency parking rates at city garages (Museum Place and South Harbor) go into effect when the flashing blue snow emergency lights are activated throughout the city. PLEASE NOTE, VEHICLES ENTERING THE GARAGES BEFORE THE BLUE LIGHTS ARE ACTIVATED WILL BE CHARGED AT THE REGULAR HOURLY RATE, NOT THE SNOW RATE, UNTIL THE VEHICLE IS REMOVED.  Once a snow emergency goes into effect, parking in the city garages is $5.00 per 24 hours or any portion of 24 hours. Vehicles should be removed from the garage by the close of business the day the snow emergency concludes. Vehicles left in the garage after that time will be charged an additional $5.00 per 24 hours or any portion of 24 hours. Thank you. 
(Additional garage parking is also available at the MBTA Parking Garage on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some spaces will be reserved by the MBTA for commuter parking, and thus not available for snow emergency use. The MBTA snow parking rate is $5 per 24 hour period once initiated by the MBTA. Please note that parking at the City-owned surface lot adjacent to the MBTA garage is available during snow emergencies. Parking fees are waived at the City-owned surface lot through the duration of snow emergencies.)
For more information about snow emergency parking, including off-street lots available in neighborhoods throughout the city, please go to the Parking in Salem website by clicking HERE


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Kucharsky Director, Traffic and Parking (978) 745-9595 x45001
Nick Downing Assistant Traffic Director (978) 745-9595 x45002
Alan Sullaway Assistant Parking Director (978) 745-8120
Robert O'Keefe Supervisor
Mary Millett Supervisor

Traffic and Parking Commission

Tanya Stepasiuk, Chair
Eric Papetti, Vice-Chair
Robin Seidel
Todd Waller
Lt. David Tucker, Salem Police Dept.