Historical Commission

The Salem Historical Commission reviews applications for work being done on properties in Salem's four local historic districts and maintains an inventory of historic resources. Deadlines for Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness or Certificates of Hardship are due 16 days before any meeting.

Note: The Salem Historical Commission does not maintain collections of historic documents or artifacts and does not maintain ancestry files.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Jessica Herbert Chair (3/10/2019)
Laurie Bellin Member (3/1/2017)
David Hart Member (3/1/2020)
Mark Pattison Member (6/28/2021)
Joanne McCrea Member (3/1/2020)
Laurence Spang Member (1/10/2019)
Reed Cutting Alternate (3/1/2019)
Jane Turiel Alternate (3/1/2018)
Domingo J. Dominguez
Christine W. Madore City Council Liaison
Josh H. Turiel City Council Liaisons
Patricia Kelleher