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  • The Facts on Leaks
    The Facts on Leaks

The City of Salem receives its drinking water from the Ipswich River and three reservoirs: Wenham Lake, Putnamville, and Longham. This water goes through a filtration plant run by the Salem/Beverly Water Supply Board, located in Beverly, Massachusetts. In the plant the water is treated to remove naturally occurring impurities as required by federal law and then is delivered to pumping stations owned by Salem. Currently, Salem uses about 1.9 billion gallons of drinking water per year. Please refer to the links on the left for our most recent water quality data.

The water and sewer billing department is only responsible for billing each household and commercial account in the City, and also resolving billing questions, and meter replacement related questions.

Water related questions listed below  can be answered at Department of Public Works, 978-744-3302:

  • Why don’t I have any water?
  • There is a water leak in my street, what should I do?
  • Hydrant Flushing?
  • Brown water questions? (run cold water until it runs clear)
  • How can I shut off/turn on my water?

Water related questions listed below can be answered at this Department, 978-619-5674,:

  • Why is the City currently liening water bills and how will this affect my bill?
  • Questions on water and sewer bills (final readings, history, estimates, usage, etc.)
  • Do we allow payment plans?  (no)
  • How can I read my meter?
  • Why didn’t I get my discount? (only on water portion, must pay before the discount date noted on the bill)
  • How do I purchase new meters? (Contact the Water Dept. - you must pay by check)
  • Why did I get an estimated bill?
  • How can I fix my leaky meter?

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Julie Rose Business Manager 978-619-5679
Karen Moran Assistant Water Registrar 978-619-5674