Moorings & Slips

All boats in Salem Waters on moorings or in slips, owned or rented, are permitted through the Harbormaster Dept. You may choose to own or rent a mooring. Permit & Rental Applications found under Downloadable forms tab.

If you own your own mooring it is yours forever as long as you stay current with the City of Salem's Mandatory Annual Mooring Permit & Inspection Policy.

To own your own mooring you must have it built by an authorized mooring company. For your guidance listed are the following mooring contractors that commonly provide installation and service of ground tackle in Salem waters. It is the mariner's responsibility to arrange a mandatory annual service of mooring equipment and provide proof that it was performed to my office. Danvers Mooring Service, Pete & Rich Clement, 978-762-3775, Manchester mooring Service, Tom Baker, 978-526-4480, Mid-Harbor Marine, Brendan & Amy Sheehan, 781-631-0611, Houghton Marine Service, Inc. Joseph Houghton, 781-631-9338,

Salem waters are divided into six mooring fields:

  • "S" - From the Kernwood Bridge to the Beverly Bridge in the Danvers River is designated Area "S". There is a long wait and very little turnover.
  • "A" - From the Beverly Bridge to Monument Bar is designated Area "A". There is very little space here and poor access from shore. This area is predominantly used by two Yacht Clubs, the Jubilee and Salem Willows.
  • "L" - From Monument Bar to Winter Island Light is designated Area "L". There is a wait list for space, poor access and exposure to severe weather.
  • "WI" - From Winter Island Light to the Power Plant Jetty is designated Area "WI". There is a wait list for space, good access from Winter Island Park. The Park Dept at 978-745-9430 charges an entrance fee to park & launch, it also rents tender space. Harbor suttle service is available at Winter Island @ 617-720-9254.
  • "E" - From the Power Plant Jetty to Derby Wharf Light is designated Area "E". There is a wait list for space and poor public access here.
  • "M" - From Derby Light to Forest River is designated Area "M". There is a wait list for this area and the water is shallow and access poor.


Rental moorings are available through Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina, 978-740-9890. All are located in area E. Launch service is provided with your mooring Rental.

Pickering Wharf Marina, Mariners Port Marina and Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina also have slips available.

All of Salem Waters, with the exception of Area S, are exposed to a "Northeaster" to some degree. They occur rarely in summer but are common in early spring and late fall. Pay attention to the weather and do not leave your boat in too late in the season.