Park and Playground Rules


The Park and Recreation Commission of the City Salem, by virtue of the authority vested in it to make rules and regulations for the use of any land in the City of Salem taken or held for park and playground purposes or for like purposes under any Special Act, hereby ordains that within the limits and on the land now or hereafter comprising all park property under the control of said Park and Recreation Commission, as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 45, Section 5:

  1. No person shall cut, break, mark, write on, injure, deface, defile or ill use any building, or contents of any building, fence or other structure, or any tree, shrub, bush, sod, turf, plant or flower (wild or cultivated) or any other thing or property on said land.
  2. No person shall take or remove from the ground or have in his or her possession, any tree, shrub, bush, sod, turf plant or flower (wild or cultivated) which has been taken or removed from the ground, notwithstanding by whom so taken or so removed, except employees in the discharge of their duties.
  3. No person shall throw stones or other missiles or discharge or carry on his person, or in any vehicle, firearms, except members of the Salem Police Department in the discharge of their duties. No person shall discharge or carry on his or her person or in any vehicle, firecrackers, torpedoes, fireworks or other explosive without permission from the Park and Recreation Commission; nor have or keep for sale, any beverage without such permission from the Park and Recreation Commission; nor paste or display or carry or pass out signs, placards, flags, advertising devices, cards, programs or other articles, without permission from the Park and Recreation Commission; nor play or be present at games of chance or other unlawful games, or have possession of implements of gambling or behave in a rude or disorderly manner, or use any indecent, profane or insulting language or do any obscene or indecent act; or solicit the acquaintance of or follow, or otherwise annoy, molest or disturb any person or persons, including persons of the opposite sex.
  4. No person shall sell, keep or offer or expose for sale, any goods, wares, merchandise, newspapers or magazines or solicit or collect subscriptions, unless permission thereof is given by the Park and Recreation Commission.
  5. Possession and shooting of paintball guns or devices in any Salem Park, including Highland Park, is prohibited without prior permission of the Salem Superintendent of Parks
  6. No person shall trespass after hours on any park, playground, athletic field, tennis court or golf course, nor interfere with the proper use thereof by persons using the same under permit from the Park and Recreation Commission or Superintendent of Parks and grounds or other employee of the Parks and Recreation Department; no person shall obstruct, hinder or impede the movement of work of employees of the Park Department of vehicles of said department.
  7. All playgrounds and parks shall be closed at sunset, unless otherwise specifically ordered by the Park and Recreation Commission. This rule shall be waived if on a special lighted surface as follows: Softball/Baseball until 11 p.m. Tennis and Basketball until 10 p.m.
  8. This rule will be waived for the Salem Willows Park from May 30, (Memorial Day) until October 1. The Salem Willows Park will close at 11:30 p.m. during this period.
  9. No person shall be or remain in or upon or stay in any playground or park after sunset and no person shall enter into or upon playgrounds or parks after sunset, except as otherwise provided for under rule 6 or 8.
  10. No person shall carry on his person, sell, give away, or consume any alcoholic liquor, beer, ale, wine, or other beverage containing or having an alcoholic content while within the confines of any Park, Playground, or other lands under the control of the Park and Recreation Commission unless such use is properly authorized by the Commission and the Licensing Board.
  11. No person shall operate or have in his possession a motorcycle as defined in Section I of Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws, and Recreation Vehicles as defined in Chapter 90B, Section 20, of the Massachusetts General Laws, or trail bike or Moped, within the confines of, any Park, or Playground within the City of Salem, the Salem Commons, nor park any vehicle on said lands under the control of the Park and Recreation Commission, unless use is by an employee of the City in the operation of his/her duties.

Persons violating the foregoing may be arrested under Chapter 272, Section 59 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and or subject to a fine not to exceed $150 for the first offense, $200 for a second and subsequent offense and a fine of $300 for a third and subsequent offense. These rules and regulations may be enforced by the Salem Police and the Director of the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department or his/her designee.