Deduct Water Meters

City Ordinance:

Deduct water meters. Any water taker may purchase from the city a deduct water meter to eliminate sewer charges for water used for recreational or irrigation purposes that does not enter the city’s sanitary sewer system. Such deduct meter shall be fitted with an appropriate backflow prevention device as required by the commonwealth department of environmental protection. All costs associated with the installation and maintenance of a deduct meter, as well as the fees for the required annual inspection of the meter and backflow prevention device by authorized city personnel, shall be the responsibility of the water taker.

(Code 1973, §§ 32-17, 32-18.1)


  1. A licensed plumber should apply for a plumbing permit at the Building Department located at 120 Washington Street, 3rd Floor (Tel. # 978-619-5639).
  2. Once the plumber receives the plumbing permit, he/she can purchase the water meter from the City’s Engineering Department located at 120 Washington Street, 4th Floor (Tel. # 978- 619-5674) at cost.
  3. Once the deduct meter has been installed, the plumber must notify the City’s Plumbing Inspector, Dennis Ross, at 978-619-5639 for inspection.
  4. The homeowner must contact City of Salem at 978-619-5674 to have meter programmed.