ADA Transition Plan


The Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) has prepared this report on behalf of the City of Salem as part of the City’s ongoing effort to assess the current level of ADA compliance in programs, services and activities and City-owned facilities. In preparing for this report, IHCD teams surveyed the City’s portfolio of facilities and properties that were included in the Request for Proposal.

The building facility set includes twenty-five (25) public buildings – including two (2) Fire Stations and eight (8) public schools and their playgrounds. The accessibility survey of those facilities includes all the spaces where the City offers programs, services and activities to members of the public. The outdoor facility set includes twelve (12) parks/outdoor areas. The accessibility survey of those spaces encompassed elements such as accessible routes, walking surfaces, slopes, picnic tables, play areas and recreational areas. These twelve (12) parks/outdoor areas include the City’s major parks as well as representative smaller parks. In addition, two (2) parking garages and the parking lot near the City Hall Annex were also surveyed; the accessibility survey of those facilities includes elements such as accessible routes, accessible parking spaces and accessible egresses at the garages.

IHCD submitted separate reports for each facility that was surveyed. To assist in prioritizing accessibility improvements to ensure compliance with the ADA Title II, each of the building and outdoor area reports include an overview that identifies the most substantial accessibility issues and order of magnitude cost estimates for corrective action. Additionally, a detailed catalog that supplements the ADA Self-Evaluation narrative overview is also included. The catalog provides element-by-element photos of compliance issues, location and measurements - when applicable - at each assessed facility accompanied by recommendations and cost estimation for each accessibility issue.

Click here to read the final ADA Transition Plan report from IHCD.

Posted 1.2.2020:
An explanation of the process, development, and preparation of the ADA Transition Plan by IHCD.