Public Art Commission

The Salem Public Art Commission was established in 2014 after the completion of the City of Salem Public Art Master Plan in 2013. The Commission is comprised of seven residents of the City of Salem, appointed by the Mayor, who have backgrounds in art, architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, art or architectural history, or design. The Commission oversees approval of an annual public art plan, reviews proposed public art projects to be recommended to the Mayor and, if applicable, the Salem Redevelopment Authority for approval; reviews and approves artist concept proposals or proposed artwork for private development projects where the developer is to provide public art as part of an agreement with the City; makes recommendations regarding proposed revisions to public art policies and procedures; and serves as an advocate for public art in Salem.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
John Andrews Member (7/20/2019)
Kurt Ankey-Beauchamp Member (2/8/2020)
Norene Gachignard Member (1/11/2020)
Emily Larsen Member (1/11/2020)
Janine Liberty Member (12/18/2020)
Carly Dwyer Naik Member 9/22/2018)
J. Michael Sullivan Member (1/11/2020)